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AQUATECH was established in 1995. From the very beginning, we specialised in constructing high quality private and public swimming pools, fountains, saunas, spas and wellness centres. Individual approach to our customers during planning, product selection and service provision stages enables us to maintain quality cooperation. Once the project is completed, we ensure the clients receive permanent technical support and maintenance service.

PROJECT DESIGN Our team of experts draws a complete project design in accordance with your preferences and the space. We do not compromise with individuality, functionality and aesthetics.

EQUIPMENT We offer a wide range of basic and optional equipment by renowned leading manufacturers. We follow all the latest international trends in swimming pool industry, which enables us to offer not only professional construction, but modern technological solutions that guarantee long-term savings and seamless functioning.

MAINTENANCE We offer professional maintenance of water quality and fitted equipment in regular intervals. If you would prefer to run maintenance by yourself, our expert staff will be at your disposal with advices and maintenance agents.

Swimming pools

Whether an oasis of peace and relaxation or a site of sporting excitement, a place for family enjoyment or a party with friends, a personal corner of your own or one for your guests, and whether used for health or for fun – a swimming pool is at the hearth of each of these scenarios.

AquaTech designs and equips geometrically shaped or unique irregularly shaped reinforced concrete swimming pools. We will find an optimal location in your space for the swimming pool and the engine room, choose inner coating and basic and optional equipment according to your preferences and our experience, and help you with designing the sunbathing area and the swimming pool surrounding area.


In the park, the city square or hotel lobby, on business premises, in a shopping centre or a health resort…

the murmur and bubbling of water will invigorate the space and give it a new dimension.

AquaTech designs and equips fountains on the basis of our own projects or those designed by famous architects.

Apart from creating new fountains, we also repair the existing ones using new materials and technologies and offer regular professional maintenance.


Hydromassage hot tubs in various colours, shapes and sizes will add a hint of glamour into every space. For our clients we can provide the supply and installation of hydro massage hot tubs and swim spas made by renowned manufacturers, and we also design and fit hydromassage swimming pools in accordance with the given space and investor’s preferences.

Optionally, you can also ask for the provision of servicing and maintenance.


Due to their detoxing potential, saunas have multiple beneficial effects on our body and mind. Regular visits to a sauna can significantly improve your health.

We offer Finnish saunas, steam baths and infrared saunas by a renowned TT wellness company. Both ready-made and custom models can be installed, depending on the space and the client’s needs.


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